Late 1800's Cabinet Card Photo - Impressive Mutton Chops!

Check out this great antique cabinet card photograph of a a man with some pretty impressive mutton chops! 

For those not familiar with the history of cabinet cards, they are large paper photographs mounted on cardboard. Originating in the 1870's, the cabinet cards quickly supplanted CDV (carte de visite) photos as the preferred method of photography due to their larger size.

On the lower right hand corner of the cabinet card is the following text: "The DeMorat Studio." On the back of the card is the following text: "H.B. Hansbury. Manager. 914 Chestnut Street. Philadelphia." 

Measurements: 6 7/16" Tall x 4 3/16" Wide

Item Condition: Picture is good antique condition! Has two large creases (as seen in picture #2). Also has a few other minor creases near the corners. Has some light soilage but no major strains or tears. Please refer to the picture for further details.

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