1860's CDV Photo - Pouty Daniel Tosh Doppleganger

Check out this great antique CDV (carte de visite) photograph of a grumpy looking guy that we think looks EXACTLY like a pouting Daniel Tosh of "Tosh 2.0". Photographed at Manville & Mallory Photographers in Sheboygen, WI, this photo would make a wonderful display piece! 

Jeez, lighten up Tosh!

Back of picture's text: "Manville & Mallory Photographers. Sheboygan, Wis. Negatives Preserved." Cool huh?

For those not familiar with the history of CDV photos, they were small photos that were invented in Paris, France in 1854 by photographer André Adolphe Eugène Disdé. The photos consisted of a thin paper photograph mounted onto a ticket paper card. After their invention, the public really didn't widely adopt CDVs as a common method of photography until a photo of Emperor Napoleon III was published in this format in 1859. This photo became an overnight sensation and as a result he use of CDVs spread like wildfire across the world! Sadly, the CDV craze was short lived, as by the early 1870's cabinet cards, which were much larger paper photographs mounted on cardboard, became the photo format of chose, well into the early 20th century.

Measurements: 4 1/8" Tall x 2 3/8" Wide

Item Condition: Picture is in great antique condition! The picture has begun to yellow with age. Shows some light wear such as light spotting. On the back of the picture there are some remnants of some adhesive covering the "s" in photographers. Also, the name "Lonnie" is written in pen on the back. Please refer to the picture for further details.

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