1950's Beer Trick Box

Check out these incredibly cool vintage beer trick box! We love the cardboard packaging's artwork, which consists of a startled looking gentleman holding a foamy mug of beer. The text on the label reads: "Beer Trick. Looks Like Real Beer But Phoey When Your Friends Drink This Beer." Inside of box contains a folded up piece of wax paper when the original pills would have been stored. We've been unable to find the exact manufacture date, although we tend to think it's from the 1950's timeframe. Would make a fun display piece!

Instructions for use read as follows: Place two pills of enclosed package into a half glass of water and you will have a glass of phoey beer.

Measurements: 1 5/8" Tall x 1 5/8" in Diameter

Item Condition: Cardboard box shows some wear, such as some discoloration, spotting, scuffing, a few small tears, rounded corners, etc. Sticker on front is slightly loose around the edges. Please refer to the pictures for further details.

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