Impatient Virgin by Donald Henderson Clarke (1931)

Check out this sweet vintage hardcover copy of "Impatient Virgin" by Donald Henderson Clarke, which was printed in 1931 by Triangle Books of New York. When a book starts with "To Gladys, Another Ex-Virgin", you know you'll be in for a treat.

Book details:

Pages: 313
Author: Donald Henderson Clarke
Publisher: Triangle Books (New York)
Copyright: 1931

Measurements: Book is approximately 7 11/16” tall x 5 1/8” wide.

Book Condition: Book is in good vintage condition! Spine is intact and sturdy! Cover shows light wear, such as some spotting and rounded edges along the corners along with some light fraying here and there. Cover and spine is also lightly soiled. All pages are clean and free of writing, except for the title page which has a streak of red crayon and the inner back cover which has some pencil mark streaks. Pages have begun to yellow nicely with age. Please refer to the pictures for further details.

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