Early 1900's Composition Doll w/ Sleepy Eyes

Check out this ultra cool and extra creepy composition doll from the early 1900's!! We absolutely love how worn and "crackly" the doll's head, feet, and arms are. And those blue and yellow eyes, those creepy creepy eyes, which still open and close nicely when you move the doll's head, give us the heebee jeebees every time we find them glancing in our direction! If you look closely, you'll also notice that the doll has two front teeth. Spooky.

Nice and large, this doll was discovered in the dark recesses of a dusty attic in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania. As you can see, the doll no longer has it's original clothing, and as such the cloth body, which is stuffed with filling, is visible. Would be perfect for displaying in your cabinet of curiosities or alongside your other rustic decor!

Measurements (Lying On Its Back): 22.5” Long

Item Condition - Wonderfully rustic condition! As noted above, the doll's head has that wonderful "crackly" look that only the ruthless hands of time can produce. Additionally, along the top center of the head, running along the seam, some of the original surface has worn away, exposing the white material beneath. On the left side of the doll's head, the seam is slightly separated (leaving a tiny gap) but the head remains firmly intact. The fabric that folds the doll together is heavily soiled and at the neckline there is a twisted metal wire sticking out. This could be easily clipped off but we left it there because, well, we kinda liked it. As seen in the pictures, the hand and feet are rather worn. Please refer to the pictures for further details.

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