1970's Red, Blue & Yellow Striped Plaid Pullover Shirt, Size M

Check out this sweet vintage handmade women's pull over top! We can’t get enough of the shirt's great Red, Blue, Gray & Yellow striped pattern. Comes with a matching fabric belt, as seen in picture #1! You, my lady friend, would look rather ravishing in this. Ravishing indeed.

Brand: Tag reads: "Custom Made Especially For You By Suzanne C. Holzer"
Material: Tag does not specify. Feels like coarse cotton but we're not 100% certain.

Fits like: Medium
Tag Size: N/A

Measurements (Inches, with item lying flat):

Sleeve: 19"
Bust: 38"
Length: 24"

Item Condition: Shirt is in great vintage condition with no known flaws!

Shipping Fees: In the event we find that we overcharged you once the item has been shipped we will immediately refund all shipping overage charges in excess of $2.


Note - This item may have been pinned to the mannequin for display purposes. Please refer to the measurements for best fit.

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