U.S. History Wall Map - Revolution In The South & West

Check out this sweet the vintage school wall map that details the revolution that took place in the southern and western states during the late 1700''s. Printed in Indianapolis, Indiana by the George F. Cram, Company, this wonderfully large map has wonderfully vivid yellow and blue colors and is printed on a heavy paper material. Back in the day this map would have been attached to a metal bracket which would have allowed history teachers to easily pull down the map for display purposes in their classroom. As you can see, the map has since been removed from the bracket and is being sold as is. The lower wooden rod is still intact along the bottom. This map would look great hanging in your library or study, either framed or as is!

The map specifically calls out the locations of various battles, the paths of famous generals such as George Washington, Lafayette, and Cornwallis, as well as the routes of various Spanish and French fleets that breached the mainland. On the lower right hand corner of the chart is a close up view of the Siege of Yorktown (9/28-10/19,1781) which specifically details the locations of American, French and British troops. 

Note: There is a slight glare on the map due to our lighting equipment. The colors are more bold in person!

Measurements: 51.75" Wide x 37.25" Long

Item Condition: Good vintage condition! Colors are still wonderfully bold and vivid! Has some normal wear due to years of use (i.e. wrinkling, creases, etc)! After our initial round of photographing the map was slightly damaged along the bottom edge of the map. A tear started along the edge, directly below the text "The Revolution In The South And West", extending about 6" or so up the map. We taped the map on the backside to prevent additional tearing and have reduced the cost of the map to reflect this damage. Please take a gander at picture 5, which specifically details this damage. Please note that you will not see this damage present in pictures 1 through 4. Map has been rolled up for many many years and as such has some rippling which you should be able to smooth out by flattening it. Please see the provided pictures for further details. 

Shipping Fees: In the event we find that we overcharged you once the item has been shipped we will immediately refund all shipping overage charges in excess of $2.

International Buyers: Please contact us prior to purchasing as we are unable to ship this map to some countries due to the overall size of the package.

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