1960's Barnum & Bailey Circus Print - Army of 50 Clowns

Check out this sweet vintage Barnum & Bailey's World's Greatest Shows poster that was printed by the Circus World Museum in 1960. This particular poster is a reprint of the original, which was printed way back in the late 1800's/early 1900's timeframe by The Strobridge Litho. Company. Sold in packs of six different posters during 60's, the Circus World Museum did us all a favor by reprinting these incredible works of art for the masses to enjoy.

This particular print is titled "Army of 50 Clowns" and features fify creepy looking clowns wreaking all sorts of havoc. Specifically in the center of the print we a police officer being attacked by a handful of clowns (one of which is spraying him with a hose) while a guy running with a pig tries to escape his grasp. Yes, this is basically a coulrophobics worst nightmare.

Complete with wonderfully bold colors, this poster is perfect for framing. Perfect for the collector of circus memorabilia.

Measurements : 18 7/8” Wide x 13.25” Tall. 

Item Condition: Great vintage condition with no tears! Colors are wonderfully bold and vivid! Paper has begun to brown with age, primarily along the edges/ We consider these imperfections to be rather minor and the good news is that should you choose to frame it, they'll all be covered up! There are absolutely no stains or tears on the print itself. Print also has some light wrinkles from being in storage all these years, but has no major bends. Please refer to the pics for further details.

Shipping Fees: In the event we find that we overcharged you once the item has been shipped we will immediately refund all shipping overage charges in excess of $2.

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