Excelsior Ein Bergsteigerleben by Georg von Ompteda (1911)

Check out this sweet antique hardcover copy of "Excelsior! Ein Bergsteigerleben" by Georg Freiherrn von Ompteda, which was printed in 1911 by Egon Fleischel & Co. of Merlin, Germany. The book is written in German, so we're not entirely sure what it's actually about. Brown in color, the cover has an image of man with rope slung over his shoulder leaning on a tool and gazing off into the distance as a large white mountain looms in the background. The spine of the book is also adorned with a large tool that somewhat resembles a pick axe with rope draped over it. Very cool.

Book details:

Pages: 440
Author: Georg Freiherrn von Ompteda
Publisher: Egon Fleischel & Co. (Berlin)
Copyright: 1911

Measurements: Book is approximately 7.5” tall x 5 1/8” wide.

Book Condition: Book is in good antique condition! Spine is intact and sturdy, although there is some separation along the first few and last few pages. Cover shows wear, such as some rounded edges along the corners, some small tears around the upper and lower corners of the spine, faded colors, and some light scuffing, scratching and soilage. All pages are clean and free of writing, except for the first inner blank page, which has a note written in German that is dated 1920. We're thinking the book may have been given as a gift then. Pages have begun to yellow nicely with age. A few pages have some spotting. Inner title page has a section missing at the top, as seen in picture #5. Please refer to the pictures for further details.

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