1980's Atlantic City T-Shirt w/ Sunset - Size S

Check out this sweet vintage vintage travel souvenir t-shirt from sunny Atlantic City, New Jersey. Green in color, the tee is adorned with a pretty darn incredible print of a couple lounging on the beach as they watch the sun setting over the ocean in the background. This image is glossy and has a copyright date of 1981. Beneath the image is "Atlantic City" in fun sparkly black and green glitter lettering. Shirt is super soft and thin. Very nice!

Brand: Screen Stars

Measurements (Inches, with item lying flat)

Chest (Armpit to Armpit): 18 1/8"
Length: 24.25"
Tag Size: M
Fits Like: S
Material: 50% Polyester / 50% Cotton.

Item Condition: Great vintage condition with no tears or stains! Super soft! Print shows some light wear in the sun, where there is a small white spot where some of the yellow has worn away. The print is also slightly bubbled to the right of this white spot. Also, on the left side of the print (along the black border), the print is a little loose around the edges. Finally, if you look closely at the glitter lettering, you'll notice that the black border around some of the letters is not matching up perfectly. We're not entirely sure if someone tried to trace the letters with a black marker of if this is a defect from when the shirt was originally printed. We consider each of these items to be rather minor. Please refer to the pictures for further details.

Note - This item may have been pinned to the mannequin for display purposes. Please refer to the measurements for best fit.

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