1950's Brass Call 'N Clock Call Timer

Check out this sweet brass Call "N Clock call timer! Remember back in the day when folks actually used pay phones or had to pay long distance fees to call anyone living outside of their town? Well, in those uncivilized times call timers like this would come in handy. Complete with a small sand hourglass, this timer would have been used to help track the length of the call. The timer also comes with a built in clip, which we assume was used to attach the timer to a belt. The clip can be rotated based off of which side of the hourglass is on top. Very cool!

Print on hourglass indicates that the timer was made in Germany.

Measurements: Approximately 2 7/16“ tall x 1” Wide x .5" Deep 

Item Condition: Wonderful vintage condition! Brass shows some wear such as small scratches, etc. We've seen some remnants of sand particles falling out of the timer, but can not tell if the hourglass is cracked or not. From what we can see, we do not believe it's broken however we're selling the item as is. Please refer to the pictures for further details.

Shipping Fees: In the event we find that we overcharged you once the item has been shipped we will immediately refund all shipping overage charges in excess of $2.

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